Welcome to my Backpack Journal

Hello Reader!

I’m AJ, a teacher by profession and a traveler by passion. Despite my meager salary, I scrimp and save up to travel as much as I could. This blog is a valentine to those few-and-far-between trips I feel blessed to have taken.

The Transcendental Tourist

Traveling is a heightened experience. It makes life richer by transporting you to a different place and time, engaging your senses, mind, and spirit to discover yourself and the world. Thus, I commit my travel experiences and reflections in this blog before time mangles the morsels of my memory.

Though this blog may be short on practical travel information, it is imbued with my reflections on history, culture, and art. The entries are as much about the traveler as they are about places.

Photos in this blog are taken by myself (unless otherwise noted) using a handy point-and-shoot. Do not expect pro DSLR quality. This traveler cannot be bothered to lug around big and expensive camera equipment.

A trip need not be perfect, just personal – such is my travel philosophy. I hope you enjoy reading my reflections on the road.

The Transcendental Tourist,

AJ Poliquit


18 thoughts on “Welcome to my Backpack Journal

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  1. You heart traveling as much as I fancy shoes. You’ve got beautiful pictures here and you’ve almost rubbed shoulders with your female counterpart, AJ (Angelina Jolie). One of your proudest moments, eh? By the way, if all’s well, my first ride on a plane will take place this coming Friday en route Palawan. Wish me luck!

    1. Way to go, beeeeeeeatch! Palawan is still in my bucket list, along with Batanes and Banawe. I can see you’re going places now…jetsetter ka na! 🙂

    1. Thanks Teth! I do hope the woods, mountains, and snow of Oregon will show up in this blog some day. And photos of you too. 🙂

  2. Hello tito! well i’m stupefy with your travels in/out of the country, hope soon i’ll also find that fantastic experiece of travelling. Keep safe! like what i heard the last time from a friend, “a writer is also one who travels” and i agree! ahehe!

    1. Thanks Van! Wanderlust is in the Poliquit blood, so I’m sure you’d have your share of travelling. 🙂 Oh, and I love the quote. I’m only inspired to write when I travel.

  3. Very nice intro, so natural and demonstrate the being you – AJ! Very few people who enjoy travelling will write. Most will travel with their cameras (the keyword of an asian traveller!), and you have them both -skills in writing and photography. Thanks for sharing your memories and educating us of the places you visited.

    1. Thanks Inno! Yeah, I think I have a strong personal voice in my writing. I guess that’s why I can’t really become a pro. My style has ME heavily stamped on it. So if I’d write for, say a magazine or newspaper, my audience will probably just say, “Who cares about YOU?!” Hahahaha

      So thank God for blogs that allow you to get published without editorial restrictions other than your own. 🙂

    1. Thanks Tina! This was back in 2009. Actually the original entry was posted in Friendster Blogs in 2008 pa. Thunders na pala itong blog ko, parang ako. :p

  4. May kulang na warning na dapat lagyan dito.

    “Please be advised that tissues may be needed.”

    bwahahahaha. ayos na ayos na philosophy! You still carry it around even after 3 years!

    1. Soloflighter, pati ba naman ito???!!! #shylang

      Intro pa lang nosebleed na agad? 😀 Yup I still have the same travel philosophy and I still use Lumix P&S. Wala bang pinagkatandaan? LOL!

      Anyway, thanks for joining me in my personal journeys by reading through this blood-letting blog. 😉

  5. Hi sir! Thanks for visiting my site. I found your gem of a blog through WordPress search (tag: Philippines). I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and writing – seamless and engaging, kaya ni-lurk ko na, hehehe. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures, and pick up a few pointers here and there.

    “A trip need not be perfect, just personal…” There’s no better way to travel!

    1. “Seamless and engaging” – whew, I wish my writing would live up to that. Pressure! 😀 Yours looks more fun though. I should loosen up like that. Greatly appreciate the lurk.

    1. Much appreciated, Irene! Nope, haven’t gotten the Versatile Blogger nod yet. I wish I could live up to such versatility. 🙂

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