Hello Reader!

I’m AJ, a teacher by profession and a traveler by passion. Despite my meager salary, I scrimp and save up to travel as much as I could. This blog is a valentine to those few-and-far-between trips I feel blessed to have taken.

The Transcendental Tourist

Traveling is a heightened experience. It makes life richer by transporting you to a different place and time, engaging your senses, mind, and spirit to discover yourself and the world. Thus, I commit my travel experiences and reflections in this blog before time mangles the morsels of my memory.

Though this blog may be short on practical travel information, it is imbued with my reflections on history, culture, and art. The entries are as much about the traveler as they are about places.

Photos in this blog are taken by myself (unless otherwise noted) using a handy point-and-shoot. Do not expect pro DSLR quality. This traveler cannot be bothered to lug around big and expensive camera equipment.

A trip need not be perfect, just personal – such is my travel philosophy. I hope you enjoy reading my reflections on the road.

The Transcendental Tourist,

AJ Poliquit