Green Leafy City

Quezon City, the Philippines

May 8, 2010

This particular summer has been a scorcher; I’d give my front teeth for some cool and breezy respite in this microwave oven milieu. Now there’s the wisdom in having more of the jungle in concrete jungle.

Shade and the City: La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City

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The Tragic Beauty of Manila

Manila, the Philippines

May 3, 2010

There was no better way to know a city than by walking its streets. Though I had walked and known other cities, I was not inclined to accord the same intimacy to Manila, the city I worked in but would rather not walk in. There was always something that kept me off its streets: the mundane grind of real life perhaps, or the grime, crime, and grinding poverty. However, one sun-baked afternoon, cabin fever lured my friend and me outdoors to pound the city’s pavement.

A Calesa on the Sidewalk in Manila

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Lent in Lucban

Lucban, Quezon Province, the Philippines

March 27, 2010

In old Philippine towns, streets radiated out in gridiron pattern from the four corners of a central plaza, marked by a huge stone cathedral. King Phillip II of Spain, whom the Philippines was named after, legislated such geometric town planning in all colonial communities in the Americas and beyond. It was another mark of our subjugation.

Old House in Lucban, Quezon

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