Crazy Stupid Love and Bridge: The Lowdown on Loboc

Loboc, Bohol, the Philippines

May 30, 2004 and April 2, 2011

The lead star of the Visayan-language film Panaghoy sa Suba (The Call of the River) got me at the opening credits. With apologies to (actor-director) Cesar Montano, the languid Loboc River stole every scene it was in. But before the film’s release at the end of 2004, I had already seen its titular star up close and personal during a trip to Bohol.

Busay Falls, Loboc River in 2005

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Lament for the Littlest Fellow in Bohol

Loboc and Bilar, Bohol, the Philippines

April 2, 2011

What’s a cross between a marmoset (a furry monkey so tiny it can fit in the cup of your hand) and a gremlin (that 80’s movie critter with huge protruding eyes, long bony fingers, pointy ears, and upturned lips)? Throw in a good measure of Yoda and you’ve got the cute mascot of the province of Bohol – the tarsier.

A Tarsier at Kanipaan Kingdom in Bohol

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