Sugar Shock

Silay City and Bacolod City, the Philippines

January, April, and October, 2011

What did I expect from the sugar capital of the Philippines? I had been to my home province, Negros Occidental, three times of late and every time felt like a trip to a candy shop. I blamed my sweet tooth on growing up next door to a sugar mill and waking up to the sweet aroma of molasses that pervaded the house in the morning during milling season. My sweet dreams carried on after I had awakened – on to adulthood.

El Ideal Bakery in Silay City

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Gadgets, BC (Before the Computer)

Bacolod City, the Philippines

April 17, 2011

There was a time when stereo systems and television sets were furniture pieces and telephones were household fixtures. But with each new innovation in technology, we disposed of our obsolete gadgets. Not so with one family in my hometown who had preserved their appliances, among other things, reflecting the lifestyle of Negrense bourgeois in the last century.

Mom and a Candlestick Telephone @ Dizon-Ramos Museum

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