Upon This Rock

Corregidor Island, Cavite City, the Philippines

February 11, 2012

Looking into the Gun Barrel
Corregidor Island: Mom, Are you Looking for Bond?

The Rock

During the American occupation, Corregidor Island went by the name Fort Mills or, simply “the Rock,” a moniker suggesting more than a dash of testosterone. The sperm-shaped island seemingly swam at the mouth of Manila Bay between the Bataan Peninsula and Cavite, the province that held jurisdiction over it. Fortified by the country’s colonists, the rocky island lay at a strategic point that guarded one of the finest natural harbors in the world and the city of Manila, about 16 miles within the bay. Belligerent superpowers, the US and Japan, took turns in seizing control of the Rock through two battles that bookended WW2 in the Philippines.

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