Merry Mom

Quezon City, the Philippines

November 9, 2013

What could be more fabulous than ushering in the Christmas spirit with lights and music? Dazzling lights dancing to yuletide carols beckoned Mom and me to Ayala Triangle in Makati a year ago. This year, we didn’t have to go far. The first light and sound show in Quezon City recently opened at TriNoma, Ayala Malls’ premiere shopping-dining-entertainment center in our home city. I had received an invite to attend the launch of Merry Musical Lights Show, an event made for a mommy date.

Amazeballs Mom @ TriNoMa Merry Musical Light & Sound Show
Mom @ TriNoma Merry Musical Light & Sound Show

The First Light and Sound Show in QC @ TriNoma

The launch was set at the lowest level of the Garden Restaurants atrium. Mom and I settled a row away from the stage. She browsed the media kit provided for me at the registration before I could get my hands on it. A photographer approached her, perhaps fascinated by the only silver-haired member of the audience, and just like that, I was relegated to an assistant position.

TTT @ TriNoma (photo taken by Mom)
Mommy Poliquit with her Media Kit

The lights dimmed for the launch’s musical guests. U.P. Concert Chorus was first to take to the stage. They went full-on pop for the mall market and spiced up their act with rousing choreography. Singer-actress-host Nikki Gil then appeared in a sheer blue number to belt out a medley of Disney tunes. Mom was already a fan of both acts; the musical prelude was a double treat for her.

Musical Guest: U.P. Concert Chorus
Host Nikki Gil performing a Disney Medley @ TriNoma
With the special participation of Goin’ Bulilit stars

Topnotch performers all, but they were just opening acts for the main event. After the finale, Nikki led the countdown to TriNoma’s first ever light and sound show. True to this year’s theme, Magical Circus, the venue imploded with sparkling lights and spheres in synch with electronic traditional carols and Filipino Christmas songs. The darkened atrium was soon magically transformed into a kaleidoscopic circus ring where pinpoint lights danced, spotlights swung on ethereal trapeze, and colorful spheres juggled themselves, spreading holiday cheer to shoppers and diners.

Merry Musical Lights Show @ TriNoma’s Garden Restaurants Atrium
Merry Musical Lights Show @ TriNoMa’s Garden Restaurants Atrium

The eight-minute, 360-degree spectacle evoked Christmas traditions binding family and friends, kids and kids-at-heart, even Mom the Kid and her blogger-assistant, in a common experience away from individual distractions.

Merry Mom @ Merry Musical Lights Show, TriNoma
Mom’s First Ambush Interview

At the end of the show, Mom was caught by an ambush interview. Asked about her feelings during the show, she could only utter a word, “Merry!” Not that she had to say it; even her eyes were smiling. After all, this was an event after her own merry heart.

Merry Mom @ TriNoma

Catch the Merry Musical Lights Show until January 5, 2014 at 7PM, 8PM, and 9PM at TriNoma Garden Restaurants.

12 thoughts on “Merry Mom”

    1. Hi Inno! TriNoma is at the corner of EDSA and North Avenue in QC. Are you familiar with the area? Do visit when you come home. 🙂 Best wishes to your fam as well!

  1. Hi Aj, you have such a beautiful connection with your mom … which i pray i will continue to have with my own son … thank you for sharing your moments with her. after cluttering my head with different articles read, it is always a heartwarming feeling to come home to yours when you write about your “mom dates” … the “kilig” is because i am a mom as well. thanks, AJ 🙂

    1. Hi April! I guess we become friends with our folks as we get older. Lucky for me I share common interests with my mom, like traveling and going to events like this. I wish the same to you and your son when the time comes. 🙂

    1. Too bad they didn’t do a repeat last Christmas. Maybe it fell short of expectations, unlike the one at Ayala Triangle in Makati, which has become an annual tradition. They have trees there; that’s rather hard to top!

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