Tricycle Tour Through GenSan

General Santos City, the Philippines

March 29, 2014

There could never be a more intimate place for family bonding than in the cramped cab of a tricycle. We were shoehorned with our knees knocking together inside the four-seater, and we were not even tall people. The motorized tricycle was considered a poor man’s taxi. Poverty aside, we did not have much choice. In General Santos City, taxis were hard to come by, and the taxi driver we eventually got kept asking us for directions. So off we went on our day-long DIY GenSan tour on a trike.

Tricycle Tour with Mom and Sis @ General Santos City

Fast and Furius, GenSan Tricycle Version

If the jeepney was the king of the road, the tricycle was the wannabe nipping at the jeepney’s tambutso (tailpipe). The driver revved up his trike like a sports car and raced with four-wheelers on GenSan’s wide roads. Getting off was just as gravity-defying. Trikes were not elderly-friendly; Mom had to do a balancing act with her achy shaky knees every time.

The first order of the day was an order of steak and cheeseburger at Roland’s Steak House & Burger Station, the best steak in town. It wasn’t all tuna in GenSan; this roadhouse was known to use only local beef. I was not much of carnivore, but their T-bone fit me to a T, T for tender and tasty. WW2 photos adorned the walls in honor of the owner’s grandfather who was a war vet and whose steak recipe they had faithfully followed to this day.

Roland’s Steak House & Burger Station @ General Santos City
Carnivores @ Roland’s Steak House and Burger Station, General Santos City

We attempted a shopping spree at the city’s seafront pamilihang bayan, the center of town, but the sprawling size of the GenSan Central Public Market was overwhelming. We only went as far as sniffing the wonderful aroma of durian stacked on the sidewalk.

Durian @ GenSan Central Public Market, General Santos City

The city’s fish landing, previously located between the market and the sea, had been moved to Tambler. The area was then developed into Queen Tuna Park, named after the fish that sustained the city’s economy. It was more a wasteland than a development, though. We found a carnival in it, but even that was left open and abandoned.

With My Queen @ Queen Tuna Park, General Santos City

With nothing to see or do, Mom offered a mock apology for it all: a sing-songy “Sorry po….” with a curtsy. At least Queen Tuna brought out her inner Teen Queen (read: Kathryn Bernardo).

Almost at the Southern Tip of the Philippines @ Sarangani Bay, General Santos City
Almost at the Southern Tip of the Philippines @ Sarangani Bay, General Santos City
My Queen Mother @ Sarangani Bay

The beach beyond the park was a wasted potential as well. It may have been the site of the first settlement led by the general the city was named after. Sadly, we found the long stretch of sand littered with trash, the waters of Sarangani Bay uninvitingly murky. Cargo ships anchored offshore indicated this was a working shoreline. Nothing was going for the place other than the fact that this was the southernmost point we had ever been in the country.

Sarangani Bay @ General Santos City
Sarangani Bay @ General Santos City
Ki @ Veranza by KCC Malls, General Santos City

As in any city in this country, a default place to be was the mall. GenSan’s swanky Veranza could rival any Manila mall: brands and chains, wide common spaces, even a waterfall. Still, I would not have been impressed if it were not a homegrown chain based in Koronadal.

The Fairtrade Shop @ General Santos City
The Fairtrade Shop @ General Santos City
“Don’t Just Buy, Buy Just!” @ The Fairtrade Shop, General Santos City

Tourist shopping should be at a pasalubong store. With no time for a road trip outside the city, the next best place to buy souvenirs was at The Fairtrade Shop, a one-stop shop for tribal items: t’nalak (T’boli hand-woven clothing), traditional bling-blings, and organic produce. The store went by the motto “Don’t just buy, buy just” in support of local cottage industries.

The Real Deal: T’boli Woman in T’nalak @ General Santos City

At the end of the day, we didn’t do badly. Although there was not much by way of any spectacle, our day-long tricycle tour had us experience a day in the life in GenSan. And we were never as close as we were as a family on that trike ride.

(Manny Pacquiao) Pacman’s Wild Card Gym @ General Santos City

10 thoughts on “Tricycle Tour Through GenSan”

  1. One day was not enuf to get the most of what Gensan has to offer. But then again, thank you for visiting and sharing with your readers your adventures on board a tricycle in the Tuna Capital.

    Magandang Gensan!

    1. Mayong GenSan Avel! The next day was almost a full day for us because we took a late flight. We got to visit the Fish Port at Tambler and buy some Pacman stuff at his store in Robinson’s. What we really missed were Lake Sebu and other places just outside of GenSan.

    1. Right, GenSan trikes look dignified unlike their Manila counterparts. Haven’t seen those in Lapu Lapu, but I guess it’s safe to say Manila trikes are worse. They are just tin junks that can give you tetanus!

    1. They look good enough to me. Bigger, clean, and painted. Have you seen trikes in Metro Manila? Those are good…for the junkyard! 😀 Thanks Alain!

  2. They have similar tricycles from CDO, but GenSan’s tricycles are more compact and smaller. CDO’s tricycles can accommodate up to 8 pax! Hahaha. Imagine how one can get off the tricycle. Haha. I enjoyed my tricycle moments in GenSan too. Very convenient and easy to spot on.

    1. More compact and accommodates 8 pax?! Sardines in a can! 😀 I just realized that public transportation in this country is not elderly- and PWD-friendly. Trikes, jeepneys, buses, even our trains. Tsk tsk….

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