Doha, Qatar

June 6 and 28, 2019

It was my first long-haul flight in almost 40 years. I had forgotten how much of a drag 15 hours could be in cramped economy class. Even with a three-hour layover. But props to my agent, Pro Flights Travel, for putting me on a Qatar Airways seat with business class level legroom. It was not beside the emergency door either. Nine hours from Manila to Doha was less interminable.

Qatar Airways @ Hamad International Airport, Doha
Eco Seat with Biz Legroom @ Flight QR 929: Manila to Doha

I lumbered through the humongous Hamad International Airport at 3 AM, local time. An apparition of a giant teddy bear appeared before my groggy eyes. Was it for real? It was actually the Lamp Bear, a sculpture that looked out of place in an airport. Did I walk into zombie apocalypse or a Netflix flick? There was not a soul in sight, neither passenger nor staff, through the entire length of Concourse A. The emptiness was surreal, but I realized that wee hours could still be downtime even for an international hub.

TTT and the Lamp Bear by Urs Fischer @ Hamad International Airport, Doha
TTT and Rishit @ Flight QR 273: Doha to Amsterdam

No long flight could turn me into a conversationalist with fellow passengers. I could very well sleep it off. I made exception for about the last third of the Doha-Amsterdam leg of my trip. Beside me, the teenager glued to in-flight entertainment finally looked up for some human interaction. Our small talk somehow led to a crash course on Punjab. Rishit’s knowledge of and pride for his homeland were impressive as his enthusiasm for his first trip to Europe was contagious. By the time we deplaned at Schiphol, I had gained a friend.

Flight QR 1463: Marrakesh to Doha via Rabat
Hamad International Airport @ Doha

Three weeks later, I was reunited with the Lamp Bear, this time with Ki. We landed at daybreak to an already bustling airport. An art exhibit called Other Worlds made a playground out of Concourse C. If the giant yellow bear was out of place, these giant robotic installations were out of this world.

Ki and TTT with Other Worlds Installations by Tom Otterness @ Concourse C, Hamad International Airport, Doha
Flight QR 928: Doha to Manila

I was seated beside two OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) from the Middle East, one of whom was homebound for the first time in three years. The women just met on the plane, but, without bothering with small talk, they laid out their lives to each other. I could hear their oft-told stories between naps, not that I intended to eavesdrop. They became instant friends as I had also seen others at the departure lounge. The conversation sounded less of a sharing of stories than of struggles and sacrifices on their collective shoulders. They were building a community one new friend at a time in a sort of modern-day bayanihan.

Hamad International Airport @ Doha

The stories I heard and people I met at this international crossroad, or crosswind, more appropriately, bookended my maiden trip to Europe and Africa. Rishit’s youthful enthusiasm breathed new life into my jet-lagged, travel-weary spirit as I embarked on my epic journey; the sobering OFW stories put this vacation I had the privilege of having into perspective. The flight of whimsy of the Lamp Bear and the automated industry of “other worlds,” if you will.


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