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My 7 Links

I would like to thank Jim McIntosh for nominating me for a spot at My 7 Links. It’s an ingenious way of highlighting particular posts in our blogs that may have been buried under newer entries but are still worthy of more link love.

Here are my long-forgotten posts based on the given categories:

My most beautiful post:

I don’t really get this category. Beautifully written? Or just eye candy? In any case, it’s hard to judge one’s work objectively (but then, since when has “beauty” been objective?).  That said, my vote goes to I Got Myself a Universe in Angkor Wat. It’s just a beautifully magical memory for me overall.

The Transcendental Tourist at Angkor Wat

My most popular post:

I’ll base this on the number of hits. For more than two years now, Sadako, Seppuku, and Scary Stories has consistently rocked my stats! I never expected Sadako to be the top draw of my blog!

Okiku’s Well and Sadako in Pink

My most controversial post:

This is difficult. I never court controversy so I don’t think I have a post that fits the category. The closest I can think of is The Tragic Beauty of Manila where I wallowed in city pity and took my countrymen to task. But even then, it’s as harmless as pie.

A Calesa on the Sidewalk in Manila

My most helpful post:

Another awkward category. Historical tidbits aside, my posts fall short in the practicality meter. I just know of one student (not mine!) who referenced this one post in his reaction paper. For that, The State of Art in Paete owns this category.

The Second San Cristobal Mural in Paete Church

A post whose success surprised me:

This is a complete mystery. I churned out Lent in Lucban in record time. And to be honest, there isn’t anything much going for this post other than for my rave review of my favorite bread, pinagong. Saved by the bread!

Pinagong: The Specialty Bread of Quezon Province

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:

My humor doesn’t always shine through in my writing, but for once, I laughed at myself quite a lot in Me(kong), My (Tho), and I. The rest of the cyberworld didn’t laugh with me though. The post barely got past the 100-hits mark in two years!

The Transcendental Tourist at the Mekong

The post that I am most proud of:

I could put any of my personal posts here, but I decided to limit the field to my field, which is travel blogging. I chose this personal favorite because I think I’ve presented the place creatively without compromising my actual experience. And so I’m proudest of…drumroll please…The Bayonic Man!

Bayon Rocks!

I am also required to nominate five bloggers to take part in this project (check out their wonderful blogs too!). Here they are:

Nelieta Mishchenko of Travelling Adventures

Jim Brandano of Florida\’s Photographers

Andrea James of Travel Teach Travel

Ian dela Peña of Dreams of a Brownman

Edcel Suyo of SoloflightEd.

Please find the rules here: My 7 Links. Keep the ball rollin’! 🙂

18 thoughts on “My 7 Links

  1. This is a nice way to rejuvenate one’s old posts…there were a few, infact most that I never landed on…pleasure going through them.

    1. Thanks Nehha! This is a great project indeed. Our blog posts are like snapshots. Sometimes they are a joy to revisit, other times they just make us cringe. Either way, we were at that place in the universe at that time and a blog post freezes the moment for posterity. 🙂

  2. Hi AJ, thank you for including my blog 🙂 I will get the ball rolling and include other travel bloggers as well. Great to read more about your older blogs and also to learn more about you 🙂

  3. Hi AJ. Pressured ako nito but thanks for including me in this chain blog post. haha. Chain talaga. But yeah, this looks interesting and I’ll surely create my own list soon.

    1. Unsa man dong? 😀 Don’t be pressured. At your convenience lang naman. I saw Gael, Gay, and Claire in the list but I don’t think they did it, so keri lang yan. I just thought it’s a fun way to revisit our forgotten posts, and include a bit of how we think about them. Metacognition ek-ek. 🙂

      1. mao jud na noy. will definitely write about this. at least I can highlight my old posts that deserve some reading. 😀

  4. very nice project. interesting.
    and yes, Bayon temple is awesome! i almost fainted because the sun is unforgiving in Siem Reap, goodthing it rained for 15mins. Im saved! =)

    1. Indeed it is. Yung nga lang, it works by nomination. Got nom’d by a blogger from another group so I nom’d back mostly from that group as well.

      Sana Ed can start nom-ing PTB peeps. Or maybe Chyng you can start a PTB version na may baklaan categories, like Best in Swimwear Photo of the Blogger. LOL!

  5. haha. yun na. si Chyng ang inonominate ko for best in swimwear dahil sa Coron and Calaguas photos nya ;P

    1. Ed in swimwear (trunks and nothing else, hehehe) would be a runaway winner for Best in Swimwear, Male category! Please post the photo on the PTB Baguettes FB group. 😀

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