Tomorrow’s Sky

Shanghai, China

February 19 – 20, 2012

If you will only consider how much Shanghai has changed over the years. Everything, everything has changed and changed again. There are parts of this city I once knew so well, places I would walk every day, I now go there and I know not which way to turn. Change, change all the time.

Kazuo Ishiguro
Pudong Rising

Such was a spot-on description of Shanghai, a city that was dynamic almost to a fault, by a Shanghainese character in a Kazuo Ishiguro novel. Although the fictional story was set in 1930s Shanghai, the observation held true in real life, today. Blink and you would find the skyline altered, your old neighborhood replaced by a pocket development. When I lived there, there were only three metro lines. A decade later, the number would rise to a staggering 14.

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The Pure Shores of Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa City, the Philippines

March 24 – 26, 2013

Our airport shuttle had traversed the narrow width of Palawan, yet we were still within Puerto Princesa, the Philippines’ second largest city in area. Right smack between the city’s eastern and western coastlines were picturesque limestone mountains, one of which was Cleopatra’s Needle. According to my brother who had previously worked in Palawan, the mountain was originally called Cleopatra’s Nipple – its summit did look like a pointy teat  – but local people felt squeamish saying it. I never knew if that was just a joke; at least he got a chuckle out of my mother.

Sabang Beach @ Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, Palawan

At the end of a two-hour drive through zigzagging highways over Cleopatra’s bosom, we were welcomed by the aquamarine vista of the West Philippine Sea to Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort. The swoosh of foam-crested waves lazily lapping the shore summoned us to make a beeline for the beach.

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